Modules 1-5
Each of modules 1 through 5 is eight weeks long. These modules are primarily delivered online, with students completing weekly assignments (called tasks) and participating in chats and discussion boards. During one three-day weekend for each module, students attend a three-day face-to-face session. Following the eighth week of each module, students complete an evaluation. The modules are led by facilitators, who are CAs. Online, they are like managers who review students' work. Face-to-face, they lead students through activities and discussions.


Modules 1 through 5 are structured as a single case study. Module 1 starts with an introduction to Vision Windows (Vision), an owner-managed company. Each week reveals a little more about Vision's story as students complete their tasks from the points of view of people who are involved with the company, for example, the controller or a public practice auditor - the kinds of roles that CAs hold. Read the storylines here.


Once each module, students gather in several centres across Western Canada for a three-day weekend in which they engage in discussions about the concepts that they've been applying during the weekly tasks. The sessions are interactive; facilitators lead discussions rather than lecture.


The module-end evaluations assess how students are progressing in developing the CA competencies using a combination of multiple choice and comprehensive case questions. CASB students have access to practice questions so that they can prepare, and part of each face-to-face session is spent discussing case writing.

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