Our Program

Please note: CASB is no longer accepting new student registrations. Click here for information about the CPA Professional Education Program.

The CA School of Business delivers pre-certification education for CA students in Western Canada. The program is competency-based, which means that students learn by doing, and combines education and work experience with exposure to standards and ethics of the highest calibre to prepare CASB students to become 'business-ready CAs'. This combination helps students develop the professional qualities, skills, and technical competence expected of today’s Chartered Accountants.

The CASB program is designed as a series of modules that are delivered online and through face-to-face sessions. Students develop their technical and pervasive competencies in modules 1 through 5 by following a single case study. In UFE Prep, students prepare for the national Uniform Evaluation (UFE), on which students demonstrate that they’ve achieved those competencies.

Students may choose to complete one of two master’s degree programs in lieu of modules 1-5. They must complete UFE Prep before writing the UFE.

Have a question? See if it’s one of the frequently asked questions, or send an email to prospectivestudents@casb.com.