CASB Prerequisites

Please note: CASB is no longer accepting new student registrations. Click here for information about the CPA Professional Education Program. The information below is for people using CASB prerequisites to enter the CPA Professional Education Program.

The CASB prerequisite courses include:

  • General Business (three prerequisites)
  • Assurance (one introductory prerequisite)
  • Finance (one introductory and one intermediate prerequisite)
  • Information Systems and Technology (one introductory prerequisite)
  • Performance Measurement (two intermediate financial accounting, one intermediate managerial/cost accounting, and one of
    • accounting theory;
    • advanced financial accounting;
    • advanced financial statement analysis;
    • advanced managerial/cost accounting; or
    • international accounting)
  • Taxation (one prerequisite covering both personal and corporate)

Taxation course credits older than five years and credits for the remaining courses older than ten years are typically not accepted as prerequisites for the CASB program.

Students with undergraduate degrees may have completed most, some, or none of the CASB prerequisites as part of their degree studies.

Three institutions offer programs with flexible delivery options for completing CASB prerequisites. The links below open the program's websites:

Prerequisite charts

Select the province below to see a list of institutions and corresponding prerequisites offered.

The prerequisite charts for each institution are posted by year. Students must complete their outstanding required courses under the most current equivalency chart. Students will, however, receive credit for discontinued courses taken when earlier versions of the equivalency chart were in effect.

Course content and numbers may change. Students are responsible for confirming that the courses they are taking are accepted as CASB prerequisites.

Transcript assessments

CASB requires transcript assessments for mature student, foreign-educated students, and senior practitioner applications. Optional transcript assessments are available for all other applications. Email for more information about the assessment process.


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