Computer Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: All students in the CASB program are required to have access to a laptop computer with at least one USB port for use in all modules.

Securexam runs on PC-based computers only. No Apple / Power PC / Macintosh computer will be allowed, even if it runs Windows.

To install Securexam, your laptop must meet these minimum hardware and software requirements:


  • 1 Gb of Ram
  • 100 Mb of free hard drive space (required to run application)
  • A free USB port

To use Securexam in the writing centre, you need a free USB port. (You do not need a free USB port to practice with the software or to complete the mandatory Qualification Exam.)


  • Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System or higher (64 or 32 bit)

Earlier versions of Windows will not be supported.

To download the software, upload the Qualification Exam and receive emails from Software Secure you also require Internet access. Internet access will not be available at exam locations.

User Rights Requirement

You must have administrator rights to install this software. User-level rights will allow you to use the software once it has been installed.

If your employer owns your computer, you must secure employer approval and/or assistance to install Securexam, in accordance with your employer's policies.

For technical assistance please go to our help desk site: