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*** Please note, faxed  forms will NOT be processed ***

=CPA Forms=

If you are already enrolled as a student in CASB and want to switch to the CPA PEP, complete the 2013/2014 CPA Transfer Form below. 

For CPA PEP application information, click here.

=CASB Forms=

The last national CA UFE will be written in September 2014, with a makeup UFE in June 2015 for students who have previously been unsuccessful on the UFE or in a CASB module. As a result, the final CASB Module 1 intake was completed in May 2013. New students to the CASB program will only be accepted if they are able to receive advanced standing in the program to Module 3 or higher. To check on options for advanced standing, contact All other new students should apply to the CPA Professional Education Program.

Administrative Fees

Module registration forms

Remittance forms (for employer use only)

The Remittance Advice Form, for CA Training Office use only, is an Excel document which has been zipped to facilitate downloading. This form must be submitted if your firm is registering more than one student.

Additional Notes:

  1. With the submission of the Remittance Advice Form it is still necessary to submit an application form for each student.
  2. Completed student registration and/or module registration and Remittance Advice forms may be emailed with credit card payment to or they may be mailed to our postal address: 301, 1253 - 91 Street SW, Edmonton, AB, T6X 1E9.
  3. Forms submitted without payment will not be processed.
  4. CASB will send weekly email confirmations of module registrations that have been processed to the respective CA Training Offices and to the students. Email confirmations of general registrations will be sent only to students.

Experience-related forms

Membership-related forms

Information changes

Student Status Letter

Mentor forms