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Students in the CASB program complete a series of educational modules that help students acquire the CA competencies that they will use in their careers. Modules 1 through 5 are delivered as a case study, following Vision Windows, an organization that grows from being an owner-managed company to an international one whose owners consider listing it on a stock exchange. UFE Prep is designed to prepare students for the national Uniform Evaluation (UFE).

Each of modules 1 through 5 is eight weeks long, and consists of weekly tasks that students complete from the perspective of different people who are involved with Vision Windows, a three-day weekend classroom session, and at the end of the eight weeks, a one-day evaluation.

UFE Prep consists of extensive online resources, a two-week classroom session in late July and early August, and a simulated UFE.


One-to-two weeks following the end-of-module evaluation, according to the schedule of key dates, the results are released. We deliver case feedback forms, academic histories, and transcripts via Candidate/CATO Portal for students and CA Training Offices.

What students learn

Each module is structured so that students learn specific competencies. These competencies translate into the ability to complete real-world tasks upon the completion of each module. To understand the types of assignments CASB students are able to complete, please refer to the practical application checklists.