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The Uniform Evaluation (UFE)

The 2015 UFE results will be released to candidates, firms, and the public on Friday, August 28, 2015.  Transcripts will be available for candidates and firms to download through Candidate/Firm Portal.

On Friday, August 28, the results will be released as follows: 

7:00 am PDT/8:00 am MDT/9:00 am CDT

  • A list of successful candidates (UFE Candidate numbers only) is posted on the legacy CASB website (  Each provincial body posts a list in the same format, or a link to the CASB website.
  • All candidates’ transcripts are available through the portal.

8:00am PDT/9:00am MDT/10:00am CDT 

  • All candidates may phone CPAWSB Student Services at 1-866-420-2350 to confirm their results.

10:00am PDT/11:00am MDT/12:00pm CDT

  • Lists containing names of successful candidates and honour roll members are posted on the legacy CASB website.
  • Provincial bodies issue media releases.

Accessing Candidate/CATO Portals

  • The results page of the CASB website will include links to the portals.
  • Candidates' user IDs and passwords are the same as the ones used to access D2L.
  • Firms requiring ID or password reminders should contact Information will only be provided to the contact on file.
  • Firms who haven’t previously used Firm Portal, please email moduleregistration for your access information, which will only be provided to the contact on file.  If you have any questions, please email moduleregistration

Note: Candidates who have completed their practical experience may submit their Confirmation of Practical Experience forms to CPAWSB Student & Support Services before the results release. 
The form is available on the forms section of the CASB website here:  Following the results release, the provincial bodies will contact successful candidates with information about applying for membership.