Student Advisory Council

CASB has a Student Advisory Council (SAC) that acts as an advisory committee to CASB management. The council, which meets by teleconference at least once each quarter, is responsible to review and provide input in four main areas:

  1. Proposed changes to the CASB curriculum;
  2. Student evaluation survey results;
  3. Matters of interest to CASB students; and
  4. The terms of reference for the Council.

Current CASB students with concerns or suggestions regarding CASB's policies or its educational program can send an email to, which will be forwarded to the members of the council.

Current SAC Members:

Doug Allan, CA (BC)

Adrian Hodgson (AB)

Nancy J. Kulbida (SK)

Dalyce Cooper, CA (SK)

Kelsey Horrocks  (MB)

Janna Olynyk (BC)

Colleen Cousins (MB)

Kaitlyn Huras, CA (AB)

Karen Stewart, CA (BC)

Brittany Hilton (MB)

Blayre Joa, CA (SK)

Marc Young (AB)

The council is composed of twelve members who each serve a two-year term. Eight council members are registered CASB students, who represent different locations, employer sizes, and stages in the program. Four members are newly-qualified CAs who completed the program within the last two years.

We solicit applications for six new members annually. Current students and recent graduates who are interested in serving on the Student Advisory Council should watch for an email from early each summer.

Please direct any questions about the council to