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UFE Prep

2015 UFE Prep information (229 KB/PDF) 

UFE Prep is designed to help students prepare for the UFE. The module consists of several parts:

  • Classroom session: Face-to-face session to fine-tune candidates' writing and debriefing skills
  • Evaluated simulations: Five UFE Prep simulations and a three-day simulated UFE. The simulated UFE is written under UFE conditions and in UFE writing centres where possible
  • Online material:
    • UFE simulations and evaluation guides
    • Technical guides and tutorials for CAS, ASPE, and IFRS, several of which are useful for completing Module 5 tasks
    • Approaching a simulation and debriefing guides
    • Access to a facilitator via the site's discussion board and email

Students who plan to attempt the UFE for the first time must enroll in UFE Prep and pass the Simulated UFE to attempt the UFE. Students who are re-attempting the UFE may wish to enroll in all or some parts of UFE Prep. The registration deadline is January 19, 2015.

UFE Prep in-person classroom location details will be distributed in advance of the session start. Students will receive access to the UFE Prep Desire2Learn (D2L) site on February 2, 2015.