Post-Approval Guidance
Securexam Guides

Students use laptop computers to input their responses to module evaluations and the UFE.

In advance of each evaluation, students are required to preload their laptops with software called Securexam (CA). Securexam (CA) is a special "lockdown" software program that disables most of the computer's functionality and file access. It ensures that, during evaluations, students can only use their computers for the following purposes:

  • Reference: Students can use a modified version of Folio Views to search the CICA Standards and Guidance Collection (UFE Version) and the Federal Income Tax Collection (UFE Version) (these will be included in the Securexam install);
  • Keyed response: Students can use a word processor and electronic spreadsheet to input responses and submit them electronically for marking purposes. Handwritten or typed planning notes will not be marked.

Students will not be able to access any other files or programs.

Below are guides to support you in using this software: