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Post-Approval Guidance

Guides and information for students and their employers:


Student Resource Guide: Includes information on plagiarism, appeals, face-to-face interactive sessions, and offers an overview of competency-based education, tasks, and case writing

Education Policy Manual: Outlines CASB's official policies 

Values, Collaboration, and Dishonesty: This information relates to plagiarism and collaboration. Ethical behaviour and professionalism is one of the pervasive competencies that students must demonstrate to become a CA. 



Module overviews: Published for each module, these documents include the storyboard and suggested resources for each week, and an outline of the roles that the student will play during the module.

Communication and Critical Thinking Guide: Designed to help students develop their communication and critical thinking skills. Outlines the rubric used to evaluate some weekly tasks.

Securexam(CA) Guides: Resources on using Securexam (CA) during evaluations



Practical Application Checklists: Outline the competencies that students develop in each module

Post-Approval Guidance Package for new training offices

Competency-based practical experience information: Details about the practical experience requirements