Experience Requirements

To become a CA, and to complete the CASB program, students must meet specific practical experience requirements while working in an approved CA Training Office. The requirements differ depending on students' start date.

In September 2013, CASB relaxed the requirement that students need to be working while taking CASB modules. This means a student can enroll in CASB modules without a position at an approved CA Training Office. To earn the CA designation in Western Canada, however, students must complete the CASB program, pass the UFE, and complete the CA Practical Experience Requirements as a CA student at an approved CA Training Office.

Anyone planning to complete the CASB program in time to write the UFE in 2014 or 2015 without also being employed as a CA student in a CA Training Office must receive permission for each module they wish to enroll in while not employed as a CA student. To start this process, please email sandra.smith@casb.com.

Note: Working as a CA student in an approved CA Training Office is the only way to meet the CA Practical Experience Requirements.