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External Review

The CA School of Business (CASB) has recently undergone an external review as mandated by the Education Agreement under which CASB was established in 2000.

A review panel was convened, consisting of four members each independent of CASB, to assess the sufficiency of CASB’s education program. CASB board and management provided the panel with a self-assessment and supporting documentation, and the panel sought input from CASB stakeholders including current students, recent graduates and representatives of CA Training Offices and Provincial Institutes.

The external review panel has completed its work and provided its report, a detailed 65-page document, together with a separate nine-page executive summary.

CASB board and management have reviewed both documents and prepared their response. As noted in the response, CASB intends to incorporate the panel’s recommendations in its regular business planning over the next two fiscal years.

Here are the external review documents: